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Fearless Influence is a Christ-centered marketing agency supporting churches, non-profits and Christian business owners.

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Increase Your Digital and Social Visibility, While Working With A Kingdom Marketing Company.

As a full-service Christian Digital Marketing Agency, Fearless Influence provides affordable digital marketing strategies and social media expertise to the local church, Christian business owners and non-profit organizations.  Our mission is to embolden your mission. We are waterers.


For some clients we’re an integrated part of their teams. For others we’re providing discipleship marketing for a temporary season of training and replication.


Any success we experience is simply because Jesus needs it to happen. We seek to be obedient to Holy Spirit, and to use our gifts to glorify God’s kingdom.


Christian Marketing Support

As a growing Christian business, you have more than just marketing and website decisions to make.  You need a trusted business partner to help you determine if you have the right website design, a powerful enough online presence, or the tools to promote your brand, your product, or your service.


Fearless Influence is built to make a Kingdom impact and we seek other Kingdom-minded business owners to partner with. We’re a Christian digital marketing agency that seeks to serve its clients through amazing customer service and outstanding results.


We design and provide the strategy and support you need for your website, digital marketing, and social media strategies.

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Marketing For Your Biblical Non-Profit

As a non-profit, you are out to improve your world.  You have a desire to advocate for the underprivileged, to empower those who need empowerment, and to make a difference!  So do we!  We especially love partnering with love your neighbor organizations.


Fearless Influence is focused on helping non-profits to improve their digital health and to provide affordable non-profit marekting support and strategies.


We have the heart to help, and the expertise to be an asset to your team


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Church Marketing Plans and Strategies

Today’s churches have a rapidly growing need to grow their online presence. We help churches to get found.  Whether you are looking for church marketing help, a new website, launching your online church services, running a social media or search engine marketing campaign, or just need a better design – we’re here for you.


Fearless Influence is a company for pastors, founded by a pastor. We’re a Christian digital marketing agency that is called to serve the local church.


We have a powerful combination of faith in Jesus and expert digital marketing experience. 

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Christian Marketing Solutions


Christian Website Design

Our process begins with a deep understanding of your core audience(s), the devices they use, and your competitive advantage(s).

Mobile-first, responsive design, and the training you need to ensure you have as much control as you need!


Church SEO

Your audience is looking for you.  They use Google to ask a question, to find your services. We help you get found.

We’re focused on great Christian SEO and that includes having the right content, header tags, meta descriptions, analytics and more!


Christian Social Media

Social Media Strategies are as much about connection as they are storytelling.

We run custom strategies with well designed creative, to help you to attract more followers, get more likes and get people talking about you.


Google Grants Support

Advertising and promotion can drive a high volume of targeted traffic.

We know Google Ads and we have an understanding of advanced optimization tactics. Whatever your goal, we’ll build a campaign that delivers results!


Christian Content Strategies

When content is great it grows audience. We have a lot of great Christian content available to us!

From SEO-specific content to branded blogs, whitepapers, and more, we provide you with content that creates awareness, gains consideration, and drives conversion.


Kingdom-First Branding Solutions

We build great brands with great stories. You have a unique story to be told!

We’ll design your logo, create a recognizable mark, create guidelines, a customized color palette, and select amazing fonts.

Christian Marketing Case Studies

We work with some amazing Christian businesses, non-profits and churches.  Over our time with them we’ve been humbled to see amazing results for God’s Kingdom!

Christian Marketing Case Study: Global Frontier Missions

Global Frontier Missions saw exponential growth in their SEO, Facebook, and Google Ads. 900 new page likes, double the applications and downloads, and a more than 400% increase in organic traffic in only the first 30 days after implementing Fearless Influence’s SEO audit.

Not only did the volume improve, but so too did the quality of traffic and leads.

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Non Profit Marketing Case Study: Global Frontier Missions


User Growth From SEO


Decrease In Bounce Rate


Increase In Total Goals

Church Marketing Results: Portland Community Church

Livestream Sermon Views

New YouTube Subscribers


More Website Users

Christian Marketing Results: Jesus-Said-Go

Visitors From Google Grants

Ad Impressions On Google Search

Free Grant Dollars Used On Google