Fearless Influence, a Christian Digital Marketing Agency

Small Business Digital Marketing

We provide marketing strategies that grow your business.

As a growing business, you have more than just marketing and website decisions to make.  You need a trusted business partner to help you determine if you have the right website design, a powerful enough online presence, or the tools to promote your brand, your product, or your service.


Fearless Influence is a small business run for other businesses. We’re a Christian digital marketing agency that seeks to serve its clients through amazing customer service and outstanding results.


We design and provide the strategy and support you need for your website, digital marketing, and social media strategies.

grow your business

NPO Digital Marketing

We partner to help you change the world.

As a non-profit, you are out to improve your world.  You have a desire to advocate for the underprivileged, to empower those who need empowering, and to make a difference!  So do we!  We especially love partnering with love your neighbor organizations.


Fearless Influence is focused on helping non-profits to improve their digital health.


We have the heart to help, and the expertise to be an asset to your team. 

empower others

Church Digital Marketing

Shamelessly promoting God's love and the hope of Jesus Christ.

Today’s churches have a rapidly growing need to grow their online presence.  We help churches to get found.  Whether you are looking for a new website, launching your online church services, running a social media or search engine marketing campaign, or just need a better design – we’re here for you.


Fearless Influence is a company for pastors, founded by a pastor. We’re a Christian digital marketing agency that is called to serve the local church.


We have a powerful combination of faith in Jesus and expert digital marketing experience. 

grow your influence

Working With Fearless Influence

Love Your Neighbor, Earth-Changers, Mountain-Movers and Faith Based Marketing Organizations

Our current clients include other agencies, manufacturers, small businesses, non-profits and churches.  Our primary focus is to help clients in three main areas: small business owners, non-profits, and churches. When you are working with Fearless Influence you are working with a Christian digital marketing agency that loves people.

Amazing Results, Even Better Customer Service

We love people.

Since 2007, we’ve been providing off-the-chart results in search engine marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization, display advertising, content marketing, branding and more!

We’re confident that you are going to love working with us!

Don’t take our word for it though; hear what it’s like to work with Fearless Influence.

Here are just a few of our many client testimonials: 

“One of a kind.” After considerable contemplation on where to begin, I begin with that. There is a uniqueness to Jimmy’s approach and personality that I haven’t witnessed before or since my time working alongside . . . His intellect, knowledge, and business acumen are stellar and are second only to his genuine passion as a leader of people. I’ve witnessed his strength as a strategist, as a client relationship manager, and as a team leader, and have been nothing but impressed by how he has handled each of these roles with confidence, composure, and genuine enthusiasm. Jimmy is one of the most authentic individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside. He is profoundly positive and determined. He inspires enthusiasm and positive action in all around him. Jimmy’s abilities are broad in scope allowing his contributions to make an impact cross-departmentally and to instill confidence externally with his client partners.

James Eastwood

Vice President (previous role), Oregonian Media Group

Jimmy always goes beyond what is asked of him. His follow through is fantastic and his insight great. He’s like an insurance policy for any campaign.

Glenn Rosenberg

Vice President, Power Media Group

Jimmy and his team assisted us in getting the most out of our budget during the holiday period. He was also very helpful in getting any technical issues resolved. I look forward to working with Jimmy on another campaign.

Janice Thompson

Director of Marketing (previous role), Hallmark

Christian Digital Marketing Agency - Services

We provide affordable digital marketing strategies and social media expertise in every corner of the United States.

We have coast to coast expertise with clients located throughout the United States.  A business to business agency in Houston, Texas. A bookkeeping firm in Portland, Oregon.  A multi-site church with locations in Los Angeles, California, Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon.  A new church plant in Seattle. 


Our former clients are located in West Palm Beach, Florida, New York (Manhattan), Kansas City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus and more!


No matter where you are located, we can’t wait to work with you.  Check out our extensive suite of digital marketing solutions below.

Website Design and Development

We be build beautiful websites.
But more than that we build beautiful websites that are found.
Our process begins with a deep understanding of your core audience(s), the devices they use, and your competitive advantage(s).
Mobile-first, responsive design, and the training you need to ensure you have as much control as you need!
build my site

Search Engine Optimization

This is about being found.
Your audience is looking for you.  They use Google to ask a question, to find your services.
Our job is to make sure that they find you and not your competitors.
Great SEO includes having the right content, header tags, meta descriptions, analytics and more!
Let’s get your website found!
get found

Search Engine Marketing

Get immediate results with targeted traffic.
While SEO is about organic results, search engine marketing can get you immediate website traffic.
This is a blessing and a curse.
Sure you can get a ton of traffic, but is it the right type of traffic?
We know Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), and we have an understanding of advanced optimization tactics, so you can get traffic that converts.
get search help

Content Marketing Strategies

When content is great, it grows audience.
From SEO-specific content to branded blogs, whitepapers, and more, we provide you with content that creates awareness, gains consideration, and drives conversion.
grow my content

Social Media Strategies

Great storytelling is viral.
Social media is as much about connection as it is storytelling.
We run custom audience campaigns with well designed creative, to help you to attract more followers, get more likes and get people talking about you.
get connected

Branding and Graphic Design Services

We build great brands, with great stories.
You have a unique story to be told. Your brand should drive that conversation.
We’ll design your logo, create a recognizable mark, create guidelines, a customized color palette, and select amazing fonts.
create my story

Christian Digital Marketing Agency - Case Studies

Find examples of our work, and relevant digital marketing case studies for web design and development, SEO, SEM, content marketing, branding and more.

Bookkeeper Pros LLC

see the work
Services: website design and development, design work, brand, consulting, seo, google analytics, ongoing monthly maintenance

Platform: WordPress


The opportunity:

A brand new company, sprouting from an established and well respected one.  With a vision to service even more clients, Bookkeepers Pro is full of faith and moving to reach new markets as they roll out scalable bookkeeping solutions for businesses of all sizes.


The solution:

Fearless Influence drove the strategy, created a custom domain name, oversaw the creation of a brand new brand, new website and a brand new digital business model.

Deep consumer experience profiling resulted in service-specific content.  With Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and a slew of custom WordPress plug-ins, plus title tags, custom h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 tags and custom meta descriptions, the company is open and ready for business!


Resound Church Global and Campus Websites

Resound Global



Resound OC
Services: website design and development, design work, google analytics, sem, content, social media, project management
Platform: WordPress

The opportunity:

Resound Church is experiencing explosive growth! Founded in Hillsboro, Oregon, (just outside of Portland), the church added a second location in Denver, Colorado in 2017.  With new campuses being planted in Aliso Viejo, California and Herelen (Park City, The Netherlands), the church had a need for making sure that their new global website would grow too!  In the Fall of 2019, Resound found themselves several months into a redesign project without a completed website or a project completion date.  With Christmas on the horizon and their two brand new church plants to follow, they needed the website finished.

The solution:

Fearless Influence provided immediate partnership and project management, shepherding three total websites to launch in a three-week timeline, and well in advance of their launch.


At the end of the project, the church signed up for an ongoing monthly maintenance package to ensure continued growth. Since that time they have seen their organic traffic increase tenfold!

Arkcell (a Gyftlabs Technology)


Branding Services
Services: branding, logo development, consulting, seo

The opportunity:

God is moving in the business world.  He wants to do a new thing, and to reveal heavenly business principles here on earth.  As a brand new company located in Hillsboro, Oregon, Gyftlabs is at the genesis of an opportunity to create something entirely new through its first product, Arkcell.


The solution:

Fearless Influence led Gyftlabs founders through strategy sessions, draft concepts, brand and mark guideline discussions, and partner consultations.  The agency then created a logo, mark, brand usage and style guidelines, color palette and font selections and advised on other brand consulting services for Arkcell.


In partnership with Denver, Colorado’s Never Settle, Fearless Influence developed the same for Gyftlabs, as well as ongoing SEO for the forthcoming websites.

Inturact (B2B SaaS Consulting and Marketing Agency)

SEM Support
Services: sem and paid advertising strategy and campaign management

The opportunity:

As a growing agency, Inturact of Houston, Texas, is “Kicking SaaS,” providing amazing strategies, content, websites, and a full litany of B2B related services that drive real growth for their clients.  As a full-service agency, one piece of the puzzle was missing, paid advertising.


The solution:

Enter Fearless Influence, as a white-labeled solution – fully integrated into their team structure.

With lowered CPC’s, increased search impression share, and expansion to new platforms, the team is now delivering quality traffic to their client’s websites to go alongside the amazing content and full-funnel strategies that they’re already deploying.

Thank You For Considering Fearless Influence
Jimmy Bogroff

Jimmy Bogroff

Founder and President

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies to choose from.  Most focus on their unique “beanbag culture,” or having their employee’s favorite beer flowing on tap, or the ability to bring their pets to work.

This is not that agency.

This is an agency built to honor God, and bring glory to His Kingdom.

We’re a Christian digital marketing agency.  We give back to our community.  We equip the local church, nonprofits and small business owners to fearlessly influence in their areas of calling.

As the owner of Fearless Influence, I am so excited that you have decided to consider the agency for your digital and social needs.

I am personally dedicated to providing you with strategies that grow your online presence.

My mission is to provide you affordable expertise.

For business owners and nonprofits, you will be happy to know that I have a long career in working with major brands, Fortune 500’s and charitable organizations.

For churches, you might find it comforting to know that you are working with another pastor.

Whatever your situation, I’m confident we will provide you the value you need with excellent customer service.