Fearless Influence, a Christian Digital Marketing Agency

Kingdom Business | Digital Marketing

We provide marketing strategies that grow your business and make a Kingdom impact.

As a growing business, you have more than just marketing and website decisions to make.  You need a trusted business partner to help you determine if you have the right website design, a powerful enough online presence, or the tools to promote your brand, your product, or your service.


Fearless Influence is built to make a Kingdom impact and we seek other Kingdom-minded business owners to partner with. We’re a Christian digital marketing agency that seeks to serve its clients through amazing customer service and outstanding results.


We design and provide the strategy and support you need for your website, digital marketing, and social media strategies.

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NonProfit | Digital Marketing

We partner to help you change the world.

As a non-profit, you are out to improve your world.  You have a desire to advocate for the underprivileged, to empower those who need empowering, and to make a difference!  So do we!  We especially love partnering with love your neighbor organizations.


Fearless Influence is focused on helping non-profits to improve their digital health.


We have the heart to help, and the expertise to be an asset to your team. 

empower others

Church | Digital Marketing

Shamelessly promoting God's love and the hope of Jesus Christ.

Today’s churches have a rapidly growing need to grow their online presence.  We help churches to get found.  Whether you are looking for a new website, launching your online church services, running a social media or search engine marketing campaign, or just need a better design – we’re here for you.


Fearless Influence is a company for pastors, founded by a pastor. We’re a Christian digital marketing agency that is called to serve the local church.


We have a powerful combination of faith in Jesus and expert digital marketing experience. 

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Christian Digital Marketing Agency - Services

We provide affordable digital marketing strategies and social media expertise across the world.

We have international expertise with clients located in Australia, South Africa, Europe and throughout the United States. 

A business to business agency in Houston, Texas. A bookkeeping firm in Portland, Oregon.  A multi-site church with locations in Los Angeles, California, Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. A worship artist in Sydney, a Christian Marketplace in New York, a global non-profit in Atlanta; the list goes on.


No matter where you are located, we are excited to work with you.  Check out our extensive suite of digital marketing solutions below.

Website Design and Development

We build beautiful websites.
But more than that we build beautiful websites that are found.
Our process begins with a deep understanding of your core audience(s), the devices they use, and your competitive advantage(s).
Mobile-first, responsive design, and the training you need to ensure you have as much control as you need!
build my site

Search Engine Optimization

This is about being found.
Your audience is looking for you.  They use Google to ask a question, to find your services.
Our job is to make sure that they find you and not your competitors.
Great SEO includes having the right content, header tags, meta descriptions, analytics and more!  We’re focused on great Christian SEO.
Let’s get your website found!
get found

Search Engine Marketing

Get immediate results with targeted traffic.
While SEO is about organic results, search engine marketing can get you immediate website traffic.
This is a blessing and a curse.
Sure you can get a ton of traffic, but is it the right type of traffic?
We know Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), and we have an understanding of advanced optimization tactics, so you can get traffic that converts.
get search help

Content Marketing Strategies

When content is great, it grows audience.
From SEO-specific content to branded blogs, whitepapers, and more, we provide you with content that creates awareness, gains consideration, and drives conversion.
grow my content

Social Media Strategies

Great storytelling is viral.
Social media is as much about connection as it is storytelling.
We run custom audience campaigns with well designed creative, to help you to attract more followers, get more likes and get people talking about you.
get connected

Branding and Graphic Design Services

We build great brands, with great stories.
You have a unique story to be told. Your brand should drive that conversation.
We’ll design your logo, create a recognizable mark, create guidelines, a customized color palette, and select amazing fonts.
create my story

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