Christian Branding and Graphic Design Services

Christian Branding: Storytelling To Bring Glory To Jesus!

A brand is a visible element that provides an emotional connection.  Often the visible elements of the brand are your logo, your mark and other tangible assets that help to support your own unique story and create meaningful and authentic connections.


Christian branding incorporates these same elements into a storytelling process that brings light, visibility and glory to Jesus!


There are some basic branding elements we utilize to help shepherd you through that faith-based storytelling process.  These elements provide structure and clarity for your ministry, church or business.

Designing Your Christian  Brand

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines serve to help organizations to consistently deliver brand value to their customers, prospects and audiences. These are typically comprehensive documents between 5-20 pages and help to serve as a guide as your company grows.

Logo and Mark Development

Your logo represents your mission and your values. It is an opportunity for you to make an emotional connection. We design simple yet elegant logos, that help you to reinforce your connection to Jesus.

The mark serves as a simplified icon that is recognizable as being representative of your brand

Font Selection, Tone and Voice Guidelines

At Fearless Influence we provide you with font selection, tone and voice, color palette selection, logo and mark design and development and other assets for you to use in your promotions, communications, and advertising.

Social Media Guidelines For Christian Organizations

Social Media Channel Strategy

Audiences are vastly different across each social media channel. Instagram and Facebook are the two largest platforms, however each carry distinctly different audience demographics, and each require different elements to maximize your channel participation.  We’ll help identify which channels are priority for you, and give you a jump start on communicating to your most important audiences

Hashtag Usage and Creation

Hashtags work as social signals and can help amplify the reach by leveraging popular topics.

Content Calendar

Posting content consistently can be the number one challenge in executing an effective social media strategy. Content calendars provide you guidance on the best days to post specific content types, and in specific channels. This will provide you and your team a blueprint for your social media strategy and help you to better scale and grow your social media presence.

Christian Blogs, Pastor's Blogs

One of the most popular content marketing strategies is a blog. We typically recommend a minimum of a Pastor’s blog, usually anchored around a Sunday follow (like a Monday motivational).  Be careful though, because you don’t want to give up too soon.  Having a blog is kind of like gardening.  Sometimes you can’t tell if you are watering it enough, and all of the growth is below the surface.  Over time a blog is a great strategy for growing audience, and some of the best shareable content you can create for social media.

Branded Content (Whitepapers, Infographics)

When your story requires data-driven visual aids, you may want to take the time to develop branded content assets such as whitepapers or infographics.  These two elements can be a powerful visual storytelling mechanism, and when done correctly can be used as “evergreen” content for permanent display on your website, or in a social channel.  If you are making an ask like a donation, capital funds project or something similar these branded assets can help to work as a content guide to answer unasked questions and to overcome potential objections. 

Co-Branded Content

Churches and non-profit organizations have a fantastic potential to co-promote content with both brands represented.  Is there a partner in the marketplace who services a similar audience, or who provides a similar (but non-competitive) service? Or maybe you are a church that is working across denominations in your city to provide a ministry, and you wish to have partnership with other churches.  Co-branded content can be a straightforward and simple way to help promote your church, ministry or business.