Branding and Graphic Design Services

We build great brands, with great stories.



You have a unique story to be told. Your brand should drive that conversation.

We'll design your logo, create a recognizable mark, create guidelines, a customized color palette, and select amazing fonts.

Christian-specific branding

Designing Your Brand 

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo and Mark Development
  • Font Selection, Tone, and Voice Guidelines


Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines serve to help organizations to consistently deliver brand value to their customers, prospects and audiences. These are typically comprehensive documents between 5-20 pages and help to serve as a guide as your company grows.

Logo and Mark Development

Your logo represents your mission and your values. It is an opportunity for you to make an emotional connection. We design simple yet elegant logos, that help you to reinforce your connection to Jesus.

The mark serves as a simplified icon that is recognizable as being representative of your brand

Font Selection, Tone and Voice Guidelines

At Fearless Influence we provide you with font selection, tone and voice, color palette selection, logo and mark design and development and other assets for you to use in your promotions, communications, and advertising.


Campaign, Advertising and Social Media Guidelines


  • Social Media Channel Strategy

  • Hashtag Usage and Hashtag Creation

  • Advertising Template Creation and Guidance

  • Content Calendar or Sharing Themes


When utilizing social media it can difficult to leverage the unique properties of each social media channel, and it can be even more difficult to consistently position your brand, your product, or your service with the same quality. Audiences on Facebook are different than those on Instagram, and it’s the same story for YouTube and LinkedIn.


We’ll create a blueprint for you and your team to reference.


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Branded Content Marketing  

  • Blogs

  • Branded Content

  • Co-Branded Content


Content Marketing is often an overlooked and underutilized digital and social media strategy. There is a saying in media that content is king. Of course, we know that Jesus is King, and fortunately for all of us, we’re equipped with Kingly content to attract new people to your website, blog, social media asset, or other digital environments.


Having the correct amount of content can greatly impact your search rankings, but more importantly, it provides your website visitors with the information they need. You gain credibility as a valuable and trusted resource. Whether you are focused on branding, driving deeper consideration for your business, or trying to get folks to fill out a form, content is the key.