Faith-Based Branding Services

We help Christian organizations create strong visual identities and meaningful connections to their audience.


There are more opportunities today for churches, nonprofits, and Christian business owners to create connections to their audiences. In each of these opportunities, your brand is front and center.  It is often the first judgment or opinion that someone will make. 

Branding and Visual Identity

A brand should have clarity and simplicity.  Each image communicates an emotion and is an opportunity to create a connection.  Having a unified brand and having a structure to your visual identity will help you to make the best possible first impression, and could make the message of the Gospel that much easier for someone to receive.

Branding Strategy

As your church, mission or business grows, you may want to consider how each visual representation represents your values and principles.  Oftentimes organizations will lack a clearly articulated brand strategy. And as new people are added to the organization the identity can unexpectedly shift or change. Strategies can include the visions and emotions you wish to communicate, and the language that you prefer to use. 

Logo, Mark, And Graphic Design Services

The assets you produce create experiences with your brand and your audience.  Do they represent you? Is there a repeatable and scalable method for your designs? Is it obvious to those who experience your logo, mark, and graphic designs that this is you? Are there differences between how you communicate in person versus online? Is there still a legacy logo, mark or design that creates confusion?

Branding Training and Documentation

We love helping organizations to develop foundational structures.  Our goal is to provide repeatable, scalable results.  Documentation and training are two ways we help Christ-centered organizations to improve their brand.

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

Colossians 3:23 (NLT)

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