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Fearless Influence - The Christian Digital Marketing Process

With a simple two step process of interview and discovery - it is always our goal to "ID" the right solution for your needs!


Every company needs a good process. We’re no different in that regard. What is different however is what’s behind our process. And that’s Jesus.  Our strategy and our process is a Christian digital marketing process. We’re prayer partners to our clients. And we seek to make sure that the solutions we build reflect your mission and your calling.  At Fearless Influence we employ a two-step approach toward developing the right strategy for your needs: interview and discovery.  It is always our goal to “i.d” the right strategy for your business.  


Our proposals and solutions are built upon our time with you and the research we conducted after that meeting.  From there we build digital and social marketing strategies that solve the problems we discussed, and those we found through our research.  

STEP ONE: the interview

The starting point for our process is the interview.  In this session, we sit down with you and/or your staff to discuss your goals, the challenges facing your business, your competitors and more.  This is a question heavy interaction to ensure that we have the right understanding of your target market, your timelines, and budgeting.

STEP TWO: the discovery

Following the interview, we conduct independent research about your: digital presence, the marketplace demand for your services, and your overall digital health.  This allows us to shape a recommendation that is customized to your specific needs.  We may point out some things you don’t like.  It’s nothing personal.  We appreciate honesty and transparency; so we give it out where needed.  


Having a comprehensive strategy is super important!  Whether it’s your goal to generate awareness from people who were previously unaware of your business, gain deeper consideration from those who already know about you, or to create moments of consumer buying (conversions), we’re confident that our  recommendations will help you to achieve positive results.  We’re excited to share our recommendations with you!