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Faith Based Marketing Expertise

Welcome to Fearless Influence. We are a faith-based digital marketing agency. Our team is dedicated to helping fellow Christian business owners grow their businesses and achieve their audacious callings using digital and social marketing strategies.

We understand the unique challenges that come with running a business as a follower of Christ. We exist because God has called us to help Christians to glorify Jesus Christ through social and digital marketing.

A Strategic Digital Marketing Partner with Experience

As a full-service digital agency, Fearless Influence is equipped to service your needs at each stage of the consumer journey.

We have decades of experience servicing clients for their SEO, SEM, Social, Content Marketing, Website Design and Development and Digital Strategy needs. We also have the heart to make a Kingdom Impact and a desire to help you in your Kingdom business.

Our clients typically need our help in three key areas: strategy formation, website content and business promotion.

Strategy Formation

You want to do everything. And you want to do it right now! You need to master Facebook, grow YouTube, redesign your website, advertise on Google, and more!  But if everything is important, then nothing is important, right?  Kingdom business owners need to first understand how to prioritize their marketing strategies.  We help navigate you through a detailed onboarding experience, with transparent project plans and prioritized workflows.


Website Content

You have a competitive advantage. You know your product, its benefits, and your customer service is the best around.

But communicating this online?

We can help. We’re proficient in helping you communicate your most critically important information, while also keeping in mind SEO best practices.

We build conversion-friendly websites to help you gain more leads, phone calls, and online sales.  We develop content strategies to attract new website visitors, educate and inform in-market consumers, and to create retention and advocacy with existing clients.

Promoting Your Business

Have an invisible website? Have a Facebook page but nobody likes it? Maybe you did a boosted post and you’re unsure about what it did.

At the heart of Fearless Influence is a rich legacy of promotion and advertising.

We understand brand values and can effectively and efficiently create targeted consumer awareness for your business. We know how to create deeper consideration and we can help you to understand why people are taking specific actions on your website or social media asset.

Keep reading below for more about the consumer journey. . .

Christian Marketing: Impacting The Consumer Journey





These are the basic elements of the consumer journey.  And 99% of marketing and advertising activity is spent communicating to targeted audiences in one of these three key phases.  Christian marketing is no different. Sure, the audiences might be different, but the phases remain the same.

Consumer Journey: Unaware to Aware

During this phase of the consumer journey, the goal is to take an audience who is unaware of your brand, or your product, or your service and to make them aware of the benefits you offer. Some of the typical campaigns that we support during this phase of the consumer journey are focused on driving page likes, traffic to the website, or frequency of advertising toward a specific audience interest.

Consumer Journey: Aware to Consider

Now that people are aware of you, it is time to motivate them to consider you. 


This could be product engagement on a product description page, a lead submitted via a form on your page, a social share of your content, a video completion of specific content, or a return visit from a previous website session.


Consumer consideration can come in many forms and can be found across a number of digital and social channels. It is important that your brand be consistent across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, your website, and other assets.

Consumer Journey: Consider to Convert

Gaining consumer consideration is hard work.  For some brands, you might be 21-45 days into the consumer relationship before actual buying behavior shows up.


It is important that you develop more than one conversion “event.”  One of the critical mistakes made by marketers is to only value, or to only evaluate success based upon the actual purchase or sale.


However, there are many types of conversion events that are important indicators of buying behavior. And too often marketers give up too soon because they fail to understand how consumers are moving toward a purchase.


We recommend “reverse engineering” the consumer experience.  What are the expected outcomes at each stage? What happens just before a product purchase? What platform, channel or device was the consumer on? What about the step prior to that? And prior to that? And prior to that.


Can you track all of these elements?


What about the cost per stage? Cost per click, cost per return visitor, cost per lead, cost per free trial. . .cost per sale?


This might sound complicated, but understanding these elements will yield remarkable results.