Faith-Based SEO Services

We Help Christ-centered Organizations Increase Their Search Visibility.


Your church, nonprofit, or business needs to easily be found.  We love helping Christ-centered organizations to increase their search engine rankings!

Ongoing Monthly SEO Support

Christ-centered organizations have an ongoing need to increase the amount of targeted traffic to their website.  To do this, they need to ensure that their SEO health is being actively managed.

Our ongoing monthly SEO support includes technical elements such as sitemaps, page title tags, Htags, metas, alternative text for images (alt-text), and on-page strategies such as website content, blogs, hyperlinks, user experience pathing, and more.

Blog Posts And SEO Content

One popular content strategy is to create a Pastor’s blog. We enjoy working with pastors to help create ongoing weekly content such as sermon notes, key takeaways or summary transcripts of sermons.

We also help organizations of every size to develop SEO-specific content.  In this process, we conduct keyword research and help with rewriting existing content, adding new content to the website, or a combination of the two.

SEO Audit And Implementation

Oftentimes our recommendation is to provide a one-time SEO audit with implementation.  Typically this is more impacting and cost-effective for smaller organizations than ongoing monthly support.  Our SEO audit process can be as extensive as a large technical document (some have been as much as 100 pages), or it can be a smaller assessment.  The size of the audit is dependent upon the size of the existing website, the demand for search terms, or the aspirational scale of the website.

Jesus said:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

John 15:-5 (NIV)

What Do The Words Of Jesus Have to Do With SEO?

While SEO is just SEO, Christian SEO is meant to glorify God.


In all that we do we seek to shine His light so that all the world can see.  You might have noticed that we rank highly for top digital marketing terms for Christian agencies. We believe that if God wants us found, then we will be. That’s the remaining in Him part. The bearing much fruit in his name part? That’s all of the nitty-gritty details that constitute authentic Christian search engine optimization. Some of those are listed below.


Great Christian SEO has great Christian content. And that comes from an authentic Love of God and a Love for His people!

Faith-Based Local SEO Services

We Help Christian Organizations Improve Their Local Rankings On The Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


Local SEO doesn’t have to feel difficult or impossible.  Let’s get working on improving your results, so more people can get connected to your ministry!

SEO Directories And Listings

An important element of Local SEO is having your information correctly referenced by directories and other third-party sources.  At a minimum your NAP (name, address, phone number) should be listed the same everywhere it can be found. We utilize director services to push the correct (unified) information to directories.  This builds trust with Google and other search engines.

Google Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), is one of the first steps that a church or business should take in helping search engines to best understand where they are located.  We’ll help you claim your profile and then build out a full and complete profile.

We also provide monthly support with posting strategies for posts and blog-style content.

Localization of Content

Most organizations lack location-based content on their website.  This is more than simply placing your address in your footer.  We want the community to know that you are active in the community.  Cities, regions, states, neighborhoods, and local businesses are great reference content. There is also an opportunity for you to enrich your local content on your staff profile pages.  Use this as an opportunity to highlight organizations that your staff are affiliated with, volunteer to, or do business with.


Reviews are a great way to gain trust and credibility with your audience and with search engines.  We recommend starting off a Local SEO campaign with a solicitation to your members, customers, partners, or other people who are closely associated with your ministry.  Some wish to offer incentivized reviews through a $5 giftcard.  Most faith-based organizations don’t need to offer incentivized review strategies, and this can sometimes come across as lacking in authenticity or as a misuse of funds.  However, for larger organizations, or for groups who are struggling to get reviews this can be a great way to get a response.

Good SEO Has the Content To Answer The Search Query

Each search query made in a search engine is a question waiting to be answered. Good search engine optimization (SEO) answers that user’s question with relevant content, and a good user experience. To increase your rankings with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, you need to have the right content, site structure, directory listings, links and so much more.


We’ve serviced hundreds of SEO campaigns. We have a combination of tools and human design to help evaluate your website and its effectiveness in reaching the right people.


This is a longer-term strategy that is used to drive relevant website traffic and increase conversion opportunities.

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