Faith-Based Social Media Management

We Help Christian Organizations With Social Media Services And Strategies On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.


The LORD has placed a calling on you. And we want to help you with that calling. Our calling is to help Christ-centered organizations reach more people in more places across social media platforms. Some need help with setting up a new platform or planning growth in a specific channel. Others need help with growing page likes, followers, subscribers, or engagement.

Social Media Page Setups

It can be exciting to start something new! But it can also be a bit overwhelming to set up a new social media account. We provide setup support for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This includes page or channel setup, user permissions management, setting up defaults, and creating the user experience and/or the branded assets for the page or channel.

Social Media Posting Strategies (Posts, Stories, Reels/Shorts)

We help organizations at all levels of social media expertise. One of the biggest mistakes we see faith-based organizations making is an irregular or infrequent social media posting activity level. It is very common for us to examine an account as part of our social media discovery process to find that there has not been a post in six months or a year. We love helping organizations to get their social media posting strategy going. Our posting services include graphic design of Facebook Posts, Stories and Reels, Instagram Posts, Stories and Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikToks.

Social Media Campaign Strategy

Faith-based organizations need to be organized and strategic with their social media posts. We offer comprehensive social media strategies for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. For some, this is a single-channel focus, and for others, it is creating a social media posting strategy that includes each channel. Some of our most popular requests are to create a social media calendar, recommend the frequency of posts, provide an outline of popular times or days of the week, and create the copy and designs for the social media posts.

Social Media Guidelines

One of our core social media strategies is to help a faith-based organization develop its social media guidelines. This documentation can be between 10-25 pages of design strategy, photography and visual design guidelines, font, color palette(s), voice, emotion and mood guidance, and many other elements to help your team to successfully self-manage your social media.

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