Christian Social Media Management Strategies

We Help Christian Organizations To Create Strong Social Media Strategies and Content.


A strong social media strategy creates following, connection, and expansion. We love to help Christian organizations develop their social media strategies. During our social media discovery process we often that a specific social media channel is underdeveloped or even altogether missing.

Our first effort is to grow your following and to create awareness for your mission or calling. We also look for opportunities to create connections and to gain specific consideration, such as a click to your website, a like or love of the content, or a comment. And finally, we love to help you to get important activations from your audience such as signups, shares, donations, or other elements that help to grow the ministry.

What Is An Example Of A Christian Social Media Strategy?

Churches are a great example of a faith-based organization that has explosive potential in social media. The local church typically produces a high level of weekly content that can be shared on social media channels. In the secular world, organizations spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on their content strategy. We are blessed to have the biblical content to have this already identified for us. Some of our favorite starting points are to create a package of Posts, Reels, and Stories from live stream or recorded sermon content. This can be used as a recap, a promotion, or an invitation to an upcoming service. We recommend posting both Reels and Posts.

Another strategy is to create a Post containing the key takeaways or main points from the most recent sermon. This is fantastic content for Monday morning or as an interruption to the work week. Another option is to create a Post for each main point and to post this each day.

Don’t forget to ask folks to share this content. A basic best practice is to have influencers assigned within your church body to help spread the reach of your Posts.

Are Social Media Guidelines Important For Faith Based Organizations?

We require it as part of our upfront, onboarding process. For organizations with social media guidelines, we work collaboratively to make sure that we have every element we need. For organizations without social media guidelines, we create the branding, voice, emotions, designs, calendar, and more to ensure that your social media has maximum impact. This is a paid service that we assign to the lead graphic designer for your account.

Does Fearless Influence Provide Ongoing Monthly Christian Social Media Management?

The simple answer is Yes. But there is so much more to this answer. First, we operate with a Lord-willing approach (derived from Scripture in James 4) and so it may be that we aren’t meant to support you in this regard. Second, you may not need ongoing support. You may need a temporary season of discipleship and then a handoff back to your team. We love this type of project work. We call it discipleship marketing, or a discipleship handoff. Finally, you might just need a consultation. Sometimes we find that a call with your team gets you pointed in the right direction.

4 But many of the people who heard their message believed it, so the number of believers now totaled about 5,000 men, not counting women and children.

Acts 4:4 (NLT)

The Most Overlooked Christian Social Media Platform, YouTube.


We help Christian marketers get found on YouTube

YouTube. This platform has amazing reach across all devices and drives targeted engagement. It is also extremely accessible; especially for organizations that have livestream content.

If you aren’t already publishing your content to YouTube, you should be. If you don’t have your own YouTube channel you are missing out on the second-largest search engine platform on the planet, with a full suite of Google-powered targeting.

This is the most-watched video platform in the world. More than all of the TV networks combined. And the audience is made up of every type of demographic you could hope to reach.

It’s more than just posting content, there’s search engine optimization for the platform and advanced publisher strategies to consider.

Beyond publishing content, there’s also the ability to target this platform via Google Ads.

If you post Reels to Facebook and Instagram you’ve already got the asset you need to post a Short to YouTube. You just need to log in and post it. Sure there’s more to it from a best practices standpoint, but just posting will get you some results.

How Christian Organizations Can Use Facebook.


Christian marketers shouldn't be distracted by the political climate of Facebook.

Facebook (which includes Instagram and WhatsApp) is a great starting point for Christian ministries to reach new people. Facebook is the largest and most influential social media platform in the world. Instagram is a huge platform too. With billions of users worldwide, the platforms offer dynamic posting strategies and paid advertising options with rich targeting capabilities and deep interest-based audience targeting.

Don’t be deterred by the sometimes divisive or politicized nature of content on the platform. People still use this as their go-to social media platform to stay up-to-date on their friend’s lives. And Christians are still deeply engaged on this platform. Christian content is permissible on the platform for both organic posts, and for paid promotion.

Facebook should be at the core of your team’s social media strategies. While the platform tends to skew a bit older demographically there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with younger generations and millennials on Facebook. And one of the more interesting recent trends has been the growth of Gen Z and the Alpha generation. These groups are creating profiles to connect with their families and friends.

36Some time ago there was that fellow Theudas, who pretended to be someone great. About 400 others joined him, but he was killed, and all his followers went their various ways. The whole movement came to nothing.
37After him, at the time of the census, there was Judas of Galilee. He got people to follow him, but he was killed, too, and all his followers were scattered.
38“So my advice is, leave these men alone. Let them go. If they are planning and doing these things merely on their own, it will soon be overthrown.
39But if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You may even find yourselves fighting against God!”
Acts 5: 36-39 (NLT)

Yes Your Christian Ministry Should Be On Instagram.


Christian Marketers can use Reels to help extend the reach of their channel, and find new followers.

Instagram is a great way for Christian ministries to connect with their audience. This visually oriented platform has seen an explosion of engagement through Reels and Stories. Worship teams and pastors have found success in creating quick, edited videos that reach new audiences. Christian ministries have found success in publishing videos from the mission field, or stories of impact.  

People need to hear and see the Gospel. So if nothing else, just preach!

Our recommendation for Instagram is to create a minimum of a weekly Scripture post. From there we encourage you to explore the use of Reels to create following and connection.  This strategy is great for breaking beyond your existing followers.  This will be resource dependent.  If you have the means to do more then we recommend Scripture, a recap, an invitation, promotion of events, and stories of impact.  That last one is really important!

This platform is about storytelling. Craft your stories in the direction of young people and moms, and make sure to respond to comments. And again have a team set to share your content.  Assign your deacons, elders, youth leaders, ministr leaders, anyone you can think of to share these posts to their Stories.  This will help expand your reach, and will give you an opportunity to gain new following.

Lastly, don’t forget to cross-promote your other social media channels.  If you are doing Reels, one easy set up is to have an outro card with each channel’s handle listed.  It won’t be linkable from the asset itself (unless your running a paid campaign), but you’ll get frequency of reach and the repetition will drive recall.

Should My Christian Ministry Boost My Social Content?


Christian Marketers can effectively use boosting to extend the reach of their content, but be sure to have a plan.

Facebook Ads is built for you to spend money. They make it easy for you to hit a button and “boost” the reach of your content.

So should I boost my Christian content? We say yes but with some caveats.

First, make sure you aren’t using the default settings for audiences and locations. If possible use the Facebook Ads Manager platform to create or locate the specific audience interests that align to your target audience. You can also do this within the boost environment, but the capabilities in the Ads Manager are much more expansive.

Second, take it slow. See what you can get for a dollar per day. You might surprise yourself.  We’ve been able to gain new page likes for extremely low costs.  Monitor things like follower count, engagement, comments, shares and etc. If you are getting results then start to nudge that budget up a bit. If your problem is delivery, then you might want to review any cost per result restrictions that you’ve put on the campaign.  We find that a good best practice is to go to market without a cost per result target.  If you have experience doing this, then use your best judgement.

Third, have an idea of what you’re trying to do with this content. It makes no sense to just boost a post to get more reach. If that’s your strategy, you are better off spending time developing high-quality Reels that you can also use as YouTube Shorts. You’ll get reach, and it’ll be a way more authentic audience alignment.

Finally, make sure you’ve analyzed the investment impact of your time, energy, effort, and resources in other channels or on other platforms. Yes it is easy to spend, and easy to launch a boosted post-campaign, but what about investing in getting your Google My Business profile up to date, or spending this investment on YouTube or Google Search? Use Google Analytics to analyze source traffic and determine if there is a quicker path to growth via your website.  Take a quick look in the Meta Business Suite dashboard and see if your existing content is reaching your followers.  If not, then a boost might help you to reach your followers, and to gain new followers at the same time!

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