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Telling your story sometimes requires an outside perspective. At Fearless Influence we have over a decade of experience creating and organizing content strategies, calendars and branded assets that spark deeper consumer engagement. We’re also experienced in getting your content distributed.

Most organizations are unaware of just how much content they are already creating. You may need a centralized portal or process to help coordinate communications across stakeholders or other content producers. We can help you assess this as well.

Here are a few of the strategies we might recommend for you:

Blog Creation

A blog is a great way for your organization to keep everyone up to speed on the latest and greatest happenings. Blogs can be entertaining, informative, educational, or can be solely focused on a specific niche.  The key is consistency.

We’ve seen a number of situations where a company, church or business owner has either lost interest or been pulled in another direction only to see their following dissipate.

The value of a good blog is that it allows your audience to get to know you better.  Once you’ve developed a following you can start asking them to take action.

Branded Content

  • whitepapers

  • investor or board relations,

  • pitch decks

  • infographics

Branded content is created for the sole purpose of creating brand advocacy in a specific area of need. These assets promote a benefit of your organization. They reinforce a cultural value or a competitive advantage.

Whitepapers are typically a technical document with deep research. These can be academic, scientific or driven by market research and analytics. Whitepapers are great for a longer engagement cycle where the audience is considering you for a longer period of time.

Infographics are fantastic for creating compelling data visualizations. Oftentimes we find that our clients wish to communicate data-rich concepts, but are unsure as to how to do this in a compelling way. We create data visualizations with sizzle!

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learn how Fearless Influence create branded content to help Arkcell and Gyftlabs communicate to its investment community

Arkcell (a Gyftlabs technology)

Services: Branding, Logo Development, Branded Content, Consulting, SEO
Project Size: Inquire for details

The opportunity:

God is moving in the business world.  He wants to do a new thing, and to reveal heavenly business principles here on earth.  As a brand new company, and a brand new product, the opportunity to create something entirely new is in front of Gytflabs and its first product, Arkcell. 

As a new company, one of the first task is to cultivate relationships with potential investment partners.

The solution:

Fearless Influence created a logo, mark, brand usage and style guidelines, color palette, fonts, and production and consulting for branded assets for Arkcell.

In partnership with Never Settle, Fearless Influence developed the same for Gyftlabs, as well as ongoing SEO for the forthcoming websites.

As a result, Gyftlabs now has a stable of branded assets to communicate its core values to the investment community, including: a pitch deck, Fundable profile and sizzle deck promoting the company’s plans, purpose, people and profit.