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Christian Branding: Love God, Love People

Local churches and non-profits have authentically great stories to tell. We see life transformation every day. We’ve overcome unbelievable obstacles in our faith, and we know the difference that a relationship with Jesus makes.

We have the most iconic and powerful brand known to man in Jesus.

We’re organizations full of grace, mission, community, faith and so much more.

No singular organization has the same potential to radically change lives as one that is focused on the mission of Jesus.

Even with all of these ingredients, however, most Christ-centered organizations aren’t sure how they can brand themselves in today’s digital economy. The result is often a hodgepodge of competing logos, fonts, marks, culture, and language. Social media assets look different because there’s no guideline on how to create the message. Signage on the front of the building is different than the media produced by the production team.

Our brands should have consistency and they should help us to make a positive connection with our target audience(s). . .but do they?

Enter, Fearless Influence.

We understand branding, and we’re focused on keeping your powerful association with Jesus front-and-center. We’ll assess your logo, font, website, social media assets, creative assets, and more to ensure that your digital brand matches your core values.

Every person matters. Every person should feel God’s love. We’ll help you to build a brand that creates connections and promotes God’s love. Love God. Love your neighbor.