PRO TIPS AND Campaign Ingredients




Your target audience is so much more than just their demographic profile. It’s their interests, behaviors and their intentions too. We don’t have cookie cutter audiences; it’s customized to you and your needs.

In terms of context, some of the most popular options to reach your audience are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ad Words, Bing Search, Email, and Display Advertising on Publisher Websites. We’re experts in each one; pick a few and let’s talk.

The best creative experiences leverage the authenticity of the brand and align the offer to the user. They’re also consistent with the landing page environment. The least nurtured and most often overlooked component; this is where we shine.

Pro Tip: Audience – ENABLE INterests in GA

Go to the Audiences section of Google Analytics. See the tab that says Interests? You can enable Interests in your Google Analytics to start capturing deeper insight into your most valuable audiences! This stuff is really cool! It’s Google’s own data from Google Search, Google Maps, Waze, YouTube (and all of the other awesome company’s they own), and it’s there for you to analyze.

Want something even more advanced?

In the “Interests” section of your Google Analytics drill into In-Market Segments. Filter this to one of your goals and see which interests are driving conversions (analytics conversions that is)!


  • Are there any trends in your congregation that you’re noticing?

  • Who are your biggest donors? What interests them?

  • Does your area have something geographically unique?

  • Who’s the biggest employer in your area? Maybe occupational targeting is a way to introduce yourself?

  • Have a database? Let’s start there.




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pro tip: context – THINK MOBILE FIRST

Think mobile first and make sure your site is responsive design. Don’t spend any advertising money unless you’ve got a solid mobile user experience. Solve for mobile first, then advertise.


  • Is this a social media effort? Do you want them to like your page? Go to your website? The answer makes all the difference.

  • Do your website assets match your advertising assets?

  • What does your website content say about you?

  • What is the mobile user experience?

  • If a goal is a form fill, do you have a person assigned to contact them as follow up?

pro tip: creative – A/B TEST SOMETHING

A/B test something. Even colors matter.

If it’s a mobile campaign, try a phone number for your call to action, and then call that number anonymously and find our how your people are handling these incoming calls.


  • Is it branded? Logo? Colors? Are the images high resolution?

  • What is the call to action? (what’s a call to action?)

  • What about Google Ad Words? It’s more than search these days . .but whether you use Google’s Display Network, or Google Ad Words you should know that search ads are limited in the number of characters that are allowed. We understand ad copy.

  • Got video? While video carries a much deeper rate of engagment, it’s also the most expensive form of media. Facebook has some great options at a lower cost.


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