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You have a challenge facing your business, and we’d love the opportunity to help. At Fearless Influence, we put people first, and profit second. To help you overcome your challenge we offer a free 15 minute consultation and free proposal.

our “I.D.” process

The Interview – Your Free 15 Minute Consultation

Our two step “I.D,” process is based upon an initial 15 minute (ish) interview. In this session we’ll get a sense for your business, its goals, how your digital and social assets support the goals, and what you want from your marketing.

The Discovery – Your Free Research

After the interview we’ll go through our own discovery process where we’ll use the tools at our disposal to evaluate your digital and social media health.

Your Free Proposal to Keep

The result of our findings will be captured in a 4 to 8 page proposal document. We are very frank in our communication, and there might be some things on there that you don’t like; it’s not meant to be offensive, we value honesty and give it our freely.

We’re so confident that you’ll want to work with us, that we’ll give you all of our recommendations for free. That’s 4 to 8 pages of analysis, research, and recommendations for you to keep!