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Understanding the Power of Google analytics

Google Analytics is a phenomenally powerful tool, that is used to evaluate the onsite performance of your website. With the ability to track performance by individual campaigns, as well as assign specific goals, we’ll help you to better understand what success looks like! We’re comfortable with the jargon so you don’t have to be. But, if you want us to help you to understand it. . .no problem! We’ll do that too!

Pro Tip: Audience – ENABLE INterests in GA

Go to the Audiences section of Google Analytics. See the tab that says Interests? You can enable Interests in your Google Analytics to start capturing deeper insight into your most valuable audiences! This stuff is really cool! It’s Google’s own data from Google Search, Google Maps, Waze, YouTube (and all of the other awesome company’s they own), and it’s there for you to analyze.

Want something even more advanced?

In the “Interests” section of your Google Analytics drill into In-Market Segments. Filter this to one of your goals and see which interests are driving conversions (analytics conversions that is)!


  • Are there any trends in your congregation that you’re noticing?

  • Who are your biggest donors? What interests them?

  • Does your area have something geographically unique?

  • Who’s the biggest employer in your area? Maybe occupational targeting is a way to introduce yourself?

  • Have a database? Let’s start there.




OCCAM’S RAZOR by Avinash Kashuik 



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Learn how Fearless Influence helped a new business to get set up correctly so that it can understand its core audiences.

Bookkeeper Pros LLC

Services: Website Design and Development, Design Work, Brand, Consulting, SEO, Google Analytics, Ongoing Monthly Maintenance
Platform: WordPress

The opportunity:

A brand new company, sprouting from an established and well respected one.  With a vision to service even more clients, Bookkeepers Pro is full of faith and moving to reach new markets as they roll out scalable bookkeeping solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The solution:

Fearless Influence drove the strategy, created a custom domain name, oversaw the creation of a brand new brand, new website and a brand new digital business model.

Deep consumer experience profiling resulted in services specific content.  With Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and a slew of custom WordPress plug-ins, plus title tags, custom h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 tags and custom meta descriptions, the company is open and ready for business!

See the work at: