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The Mission of Fearless Influence

Every movement of God has an origin story and a purpose. This is ours.

Fearless Influence’s Mission

“I have not kept the good news of your justice hidden in my heart; I have talked about your faithfulness and saving power. I have told everyone in the great assembly of your unfailing love and faithfulness.”

Psalm 40:10

Fearless Influence is a promotional advertising, communications and marketing company that is focused on honoring God.  We partner with Christ-Centered organizations, local churches and other non-profits who actively promote the love of their neighbor, and who are committed to spreading the love of Jesus in this world. In alignment with our core beliefs, the company donates 10% of its profit to organizations of similar calibration.

Be Fearless. Have Influence.

We're seeking fearless churches, fearless non-profits and fearless entrepreneurs

Our Calling

In August of 2018, owner Jimmy Bogroff was beginning to feel burnt out in corporate America. With an hour-long daily commute (one way), and corporate restructure after corporate restructure, he began to pray for release from his workplace. One afternoon at lunch he drove to a park and prayed. It took forever to quiet his mind. It took forever to get his mind to “be still.” But, finally, he got to a still quiet place and heard God say to him, “Jimmy, it’s going to be okay, endure. Things will be tough for a bit, but endure.”

For the next six months, he endured.

By February of 2019, he was ready to give up. Ready to take things into his own hands and quit. Instead, he would receive his answer to his prayers in the form of a corporate layoff.

After prayerfully considering his next move, God revealed to him that he would go through a period of further endurance, and then rest, before undertaking his next endeavor.

At the start, it was just simply saying “yes” to things of God. Yes to more preaching, yes to songwriting and collaboration, yes to taking over social media for a church, yes to consulting for a friend’s Christ-centered business.

And then momentum hit and the answer came:

1 John 4: 18: There is no fear in perfect love.

We are made to be fearless. Fear is about punishment. But being fearless? That’s about the goodness that God has in store for us. Being fearless is embracing God’s love.

Jimmy was slated to preach in March of 2019 for his next sermon (on James 3). As he prepped for this sermon he realized that God has blessed him with a voice, and with influence and that all of God’s sons and daughters have this same influence.

From this, Fearless Influence was born. Jimmy would use his experience, gifts and passion for God’s Kingdom, to help the church, to help God’s sons and daughters live out their mission, and to help them all to gain influence in a growingly disconnected world of social media, digital screens and constant distraction.

And God would use Fearless Influence to make a Kingdom impact beyond Jimmy’s wildest expectations!

Your Mission

We exist to support your mission.

Fearless Influence is Born – a Christian Digital Marketing Agency

The future is bright at Fearless Influence! We continue to see that God has a purpose and a plan for companies to use digital tools to glorify God.  There is a lot of work to be done, if we’re to make a Kingdom impact.

We’re not shying away from that work.

We don’t want to keep that good news hidden in our hearts.

It is time to tell everyone about your mission. About your calling.