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Non-Profit Digital Marketing

Help My Non Profit Website Get Found

To be found online you need a functional website. One that drives user engagement, can be accessed across device types and has the correct structure to be found by search engines. It’s tough pleasing your users, the search engines and yourself. This is why our expertise is so helpful. We’ve been auditing and building websites for over a decade. We can help your website to be found by the people who matter most to you.


Website Design And Development: Priced For Non Profits

Fearless Influence builds affordable responsive design websites, so your non profit website looks great on any device and on any platform.

We think about user experience, user path flows and our audience-first approach helps build conversion-friendly websites, so visitors will ask you for more info.

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Help Me Promote My Cause, Help Me Get Donors

Maybe you’ve got a great website, with fantastic content, and a steady flow of direct and organic traffic. 

What comes, next?

There’s a whole other level to digital marketing when you enter into paid advertising. 

Promotion is a core skill of Fearless Influence.  We’ll help you to navigate paid platforms with skillful expertise and efficiency.


Get Approved For Google For NonProfits

One of the most underutilized resources for non-profit organizations is Google’s Google For Non-Profits.  This resource provides 501 c3 organizations with a suite of free resources, and grant credits toward advertising, email and other Google Workspace solutions.


Part of this program includes up to $10,000 of monthly marketing credit on the Google Ads platform, through Google’s, Google Grants.


We help to support the setup and the ongoing campaign management for these services. While it is atypical to receive the full credit of the $10,000 monthly grant, many of our clients are able to acquire thousands of targeted website visitors per month through this program.


With free MyDrive storage, free branded gmail accounts and other services, Google For Non-Profits is a program that you should be taking full advantage of!


We’d love to help you out! We’ve been writing effective SEM ad copy since before Google was the top search engine, and before Facebook was a thing!



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