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Fearless Influence's Giving Strategy

Generous Giving to organizations, our community and people who Love God

Fearless Influence – An Organization Called to Give Generously


We are a for-profit organization. And this means that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the resources that God has gifted us.

We believe that God wants to grow his Kingdom through profitable companies with responsible stewardship of resources.

It is our mission to grow God’s Kingdom by donating a portion of our profit to other Christ-Center, Love Your Neighbor, and Community Improvement organizations.

Even though we’re for-profit, that doesn’t mean that we’re expensive. We understand that resources are a constraint and that budgets are tight. We also know that it is our client’s mission to grow God’s Kingdom too!

When you hire Fearless Influence, you’re investing in improving the world around. Be on the lookout for more organizations to be added to this growing list. We have a heart for kids, for the community, for the homeless, and for single parents.

Have a suggested partner? Or want us to consider you as a giving partner? Please reach out to us so we can consider giving to that organization.



Here are just some of the organizations that we give to.



Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible is located in Washington, DC.

The Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the Bible.

Christian Thinkers

The mission of Christian Thinkers Society is to teach Christians to become Thinkers and Thinkers to Become Christians: (i) for Pastors and Believers – to equip, train and educate Christians to respond in an informed and defensible manner regarding the core truths that are at the heart of the Christian faith; (ii) and for the Thinker – our purpose is to reach a new demographic and demonstrate why Christianity makes sense, is enriching to life, and why it is essential for the betterment of society.

Resound Church Hillsboro

Resound Church Hillsboro is located in Hillsboro Oregon

“Connecting People to Jesus and Each Other”

We aim to do “simple church.”  What does that mean? We Love God and We Love People! This is modeled after Jesus’s reply to the question of the two most important commandments.

It’s our goal to help people to connect to Jesus and each other.  Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, we hope you’ll leave feeling welcomed, comfortable, and loved. 

Capes & Crowns

The Capes and Crowns Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides one-of-a-kind photography experiences at no-cost to children and their families battling cancer, serious illness, victims of trauma and abuse, and those living with special needs. Our hope is to empower, encourage, and bring joy to these real-life heroes fighting big battles.

The Stirring Church

The Stirring Church is Located in Redding California.

“We Love We Make Disciples.”

It’s simple. We love. We make disciples.
 We love God. We love each other. We love the world. We love the least.

Epic Life Church

Epic Life Church is located in Hillsboro, Oregon.


At Epic, we welcome people from all walks of life – in fact, there are NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED! We strive to be a “safe place to investigate faith” so people can come as they are and be themselves while they explore who Jesus is, find friends, and make a difference.