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Christian Marketing Partnership Services

For Dedicated, Long-Term Strategic Impact

For Strategic Marketing, Monetization, And Multi-Channel Support

We provide opportunities for ongoing integrated marketing support on a fractional or dedicated basis

For some of our clients, their need extends beyond a single channel, or a short-term marketing effort.  Some are seeking deeper integration with their team, or a longer-term commitment. Some are seeking an organizational leader, or help with building their marketing organization (hiring staff, defining strategic marketing goals).  


Fearless Influence offers fractional marketing support to Christian organizations and non-profits, on a dedicated basis.

Fractional Marketing Support For Christian Organizations and Non-Profits

Build Your Brand, Grow Your Marketing, Train Your Staff

What Is Fractional Marketing Support?

Growing organizations often find themselves in moments of growth where they are unable to make a full-time hire at the director, vice president or chief marketing officer level, but have this need.  They need the marketing and branding experience, but the cost of hiring the full-time salary, the benefits, and the recruitment period to identify this candidate can be expensive and lengthy.


One alternative is to contract out these services to a fractional marketing executive. These deployments are typically shorter-term contracts of six to twelve months and are to solve a temporary need or to help an organization transition from an existing marketing strategy to a new strategy.


Fearless Influence provides these organizations with dedicated partnership services, custom-built to the needs of your organization, and typically to cover the following combination of marketing services and strategies:


  • Multi-Year Strategic Planning
  • Road-mapping and Implementation of Prioritized Needs
  • Monetization, Revenue Development and/or Product Development
  • SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Brand and Multi-brand Deployment
  • Workflow and Operational Strategy Assessment and Implementation
  • Organizational Goal Development
  • Executive Team Support and Partnership
  • Hiring and Role Assessment 

Hiring Fearless Influence For Fractional Christian Marketing Support

When the need is greater, so too is the commitment. If you are considering a larger partnership, this is one area where we ask for a 12-month commitment. 


Partnership services are custom-built and typically start at $5,000 per month.


We recognize this might be well outside of your budget. We still want to hear from you.


Be sure to fill out the form below to setup a time to discuss if fractional marketing support from Fearless Influence is right for your organization.