Paid Search Strategies (SEM)

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Search engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a great way for you to harvest the existing demand for your church, mission, business, or organization. People are looking for you. . .but are you able to be found? While SEO takes care of this problem long term, a paid strategy like SEM can ensure that you are being found now.

SEM is a digital media strategy that is used to drive new website traffic, create lead flow, direct inquiries and to drive consideration from those who already know about you.

Search Engine Marketing is a paid advertising strategy utilizing Google’s Ad Words or Bing’s Ad center to purchase site traffic via keyword bids and other bid strategies. Sometimes also know as pay-per-click, this strategy relies upon keyword match types, and effective ad copy to refer relevant traffic to your website. The better you do, the higher your quality score (how relevant Google and Bing believe you are to their user’s search query), and the more efficient you are.

Google Display Network

Google Ad Words can also allow you to utilize the powerful Google Display Network, where image based banner advertisements can be targeted based upon behavioral interests and relevant content, and you can even access valuable video inventory on YouTube.

Google Grants for Non-Profits

Another option for non-profits is Google Grants. This amazing program allows not-for-profit business such as a 501(c) to leverage a generous grant from Google to promote their business. Fearless Influence will manage your Google Grant SEM program to get you the best possible results.

We have years of experience. With millions of dollars in media spend managed, there’s no campaign too large or small for us. Ask about Google Grants and how we might be able to help you to take advantage of an amazing program for non-profits.





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