Get Expert Christian SEO For Your Church

Several important factors can help your church’s website to rank higher on Google.  Some are highly technical and require the right backend support for your website, while others are more content-related.  We love helping local churches get the support they need to get more website traffic.  Our project work and ongoing monthly support are focused on getting your website to SEO health with the right titles, tags, metas, and content.

Free Church SEO Resources

You’re here because you need to find a way to get your church to rank higher.  It is as simple as that.  In addition to the basic overview of services that we provide (read more below), you can find several other helpful resources on our website and our partner websites to help your church increase its Google ranking.


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We help you identify SEO Keywords to help your church’s rankings

Many of our church SEO clients want a combination of dedicated monthly support and educational support.  We’ve taken a discipleship approach with our marketing services to help better equip the local church to be self-sustaining and to help provide them with the tools, documentation, and training they need to help their church rank higher on Google. 

Some also like a more do-it-themselves approach, and for this, we offer a series of courses at Discipleship Marketing. Our support relationship is an “at-will” relationship. We’re not locking churches into lengthy contracts.  Some churches only need an upfront audit of their search engine optimization alongside a limited period of marketing support.  Others need a longer time.  We are flexible in how we support our church partners.


We provide local SEO strategies for the church

One factor in selecting a church is location.  While it might not be the most important factor, your church must have a localized strategy for your search engine optimization.  This means being found on the map, having partner relationships with other businesses and ministries in your community, and being clear about your location.  Another important element is to highlight the community activities of your leadership.  And finally, you’ll want to make sure that you have your Google Business Profile created so you can give Google all of the information they need to get a complete understanding of your church as a local business.

We help you identify SEO Keywords to help your church’s rankings

There is a balance between providing keywords that are relevant to you and that are relevant to your audience.  To identify the opportunity to rank you’ll need to understand the volumes and behaviors of those around you.  For the local church, a keyword strategy starts with their location, their denomination, the names of their speakers, and other “existing” content.  From there we will identify “aspirational,” content. These are SEO keywords that have a high value and that you could reasonably provide authentic content for your audience to engage with. 

We help you create SEO-friendly content for your church

There is a reason why people are looking for your church.  They want faith in community.  They want to know more about the experience of attending your church.  They want to see your people.  Your content should be built around these experiences.  The local church has a clear and distinct advantage in creating SEO-friendly content.  With weekly sermons, regular events and activities, community gatherings, mission trips, youth groups, and other regular activities, there is a wealth of pre-defined subjects to create content.