Should my church self-manage our YouTube?

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we share perspective on what it might take for you to self-manage your YouTube channel, including tools and tips.

Christian YouTube Channel Management

One of the bigger resource drains for a church, mission or nonprofit is YouTube marketing.  Monthly YouTube management is one of our more popular Christian marketing services.

But before you decide to hire an outside party like a Christian marketing consultant or agency, be sure to evaluate your ability to self-manage.

And, if you are already publishing a weekly live-stream sermon or similar type of video content, you are well-positioned to grow your audience!

Get Streaming

Each Sunday, churches produce amazing content! And if your church is streaming, you’ll want to make sure to maximize the benefits of YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, and is owned by Google (well its parent company, but basically Google).

To maximize your live stream you’ll need to have

  • A Title with the name of your church and the name of the series or sermon
  • A description that starts with two relevant hashtags and that accurately summarizes the content
  • Video tags that align your content to high-volume search activity on YouTube
  • A customized end card with a call to action to subscribe and to watch you channel content
  • A custom thumbnail with readable text that is formatted for all device types
Use a free tool like vidIQ

There is a lot to manage, and the features that YouTube provides can feel overwhelming.

We recommend using a free Chrome browser extension, vidIQ.

The free version of the tool provides a checklist, recommended video tags, rank and scoring for your tags, and the ability to create templates.

We suggest using this tool for each video you create, and to check in a few days after posting your video.

Also be sure to check out other features like competitors, and trend alerts. Much of the access to this is free.

Promote with Shorts

Creating Shorts can be a great way to extend the reach of your content. For a new channel without subscribers, or with a low subscriber count, this format will help to reach new audiences.

Typically you’ll want to have a strong, high-volume hashtag in your title and quick-hitting content with subtitles. Having a background audio is optional. Some will even find success doing text-only Shorts. These are especially effective for Scripture and for summarizing your sermon content with key takeaways or key points.

The Short format can also be used on Instagram and Facebook as Reels, and on TikTok. We recommend keeping your Short to 15-30 seconds to ensure that all platforms can be used. Be sure to have a buffer space and keep text centered as much as possible.

Final Thought

Self-managing YouTube can be a rewarding experience. We recommend assigning this to a member of your Productions or Worship Arts team.

We also suggest you use a simple project management tool and a creative tool (we recommend Canva or Adobe as low cost solutions).

But, if you’re finding it difficult, growing quickly, or if you are without the resources we would be honored to support you!

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