Christian Social Media Strategies

Great storytelling is viral.



Social media is as much about connection as it is storytelling.


We run custom audience campaigns with well designed creative, to help you to attract more followers, get more likes and get people talking about you.

Grow Beyond Your Existing Likes

Most organizations are adept at posting on social media and connecting with their existing followers and fans. They often struggle, however, in reaching new people. In situations like this paid media promotion could be a great option for you, and it doesn’t always mean breaking the bank! This not only reaches new people, but also amplifies the volume of your organic and viral strategies.

One of our core competencies is audience targeting. We build out custom audience strategies, develop creative assets, optimize campaign delivery, and give you updated reporting on your success.

We specialize in strategies that create awareness with those who were previously unaware of you, deepen consideration from those who know about you and create engagement opportunities for those who have considered you but have yet to take any meaningful action.



Most churches are completely absent from LinkedIn.  This is a great area for you to reach the business community, and to promote local events like Men’s/Women’s Breakfasts.  It’s a place to connect with other pastors, and to collaborate with other organizations.  LinkedIn has become a large “self-help,” platform, full of “gurus” who specialize in positive motivation and internally motivated programs that promise to transform someone’s life.

Content on LinkedIn is best positioned as educational, helpful and instructional.  Depending upon your audience it is also an opportunity for you to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At a minimum, every church and Christ-centered organization should have their own business page.


Facebook is still the largest and most influential social media platform in the world.  With billions of users worldwide, the platform offers rich targeting capabilities with deep interest-based audience targeting.

Facebook should be the core of your team’s social media strategies.  While the platform tends to skew a bit older demographically there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with younger generations and millennials on Facebook.

Instagram (and IGTV)

Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram?

While the platforms are vastly different in terms of how the social media product itself is presented to its users, the targeting, and advertising is synched. This makes it super easy for us to publish and promote your content.

A visually rich and image-based platform, this is a great place to brand, and to establish a deeper connection.

IGTV is a fantastic way for you to curate your “best of,” content.

Having a deliberate posting strategy on this platform is important to getting results (more followers).


YouTube is a gold mine of targeting and engagement.  

If you aren’t already publishing your content to YouTube, you should be.  If you don’t have your own YouTube channel you are missing out on the second largest search engine platform on the planet, with a full suite of Google-powered targeting.  

This is the largest watched platform in the world.  More than all of the networks combined.

It’s more than just posting content, there’s search engine optimization for the platform, and advanced publisher strategies to consider.

Beyond publishing content, there’s also the ability to target this platform via Google Ads.