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Conversion friendly websites

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  • eCommerce
  • Responsive Design

Your website serves as an opportunity for you to create and deepen meaningful connections with the people who matter most to you. A website can be a conversation starter or a conversation killer.

We design conversion-friendly websites that help you to keep the conversation going. We unify your digital and social media presence to ensure that doing business with your brand feels the same everywhere your audience encounters you. Our sites work on all devices and are easy to access and easy to use.

website design is an art and a science

Website design is a combination of art and science. To help jumpstart the process we work within existing platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, WordPress and other equivalent platforms. This ensures that we have a basic acceptable framework as a starting point for deeper customization.

All of our websites are built to ensure that they are indexed by Google and Bing.

We’re familiar with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other tools and platforms that assist in getting your website listed and your rankings improved.

The art is in how we use these platforms to express your unique value proposition, your culture, your mission and your goals. It’s also in the copy, the positioning of form fills, usage of internal navigational content links and buttons, and so much more.

customized website design

All of our plans are affordable and customized to fit your individual needs. We always provide you with a quote detailing the specific work that we’ll be doing as part of our services. This breaks down the number of hours we’re committing to your project, the deliverables, the scope of work, and the project timelines.

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Our website design and development offerings automatically come with basic SEO setup. This includes the connection of your website to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, tag optimizations and meta descriptions.

Google Analytics

Our most basic website offering (see the list below the form) includes Google Analytics installation and setup. Without Google Analytics installed, you may have a limited understanding of how your most valuable audiences engage with your website.


Your brand is your most valuable asset. When your audience encounters your brand, they are going to have some sort of emotional reaction (anywhere from recognition to indifference, or positivity to annoyance). We strive to ensure that your brand is clean, and that your values are clearly understood.

Basic Website Design and Development

Major services Provided: template design, logo, fonts, colors, tag configurations, meta descriptions, content, google search console setup, bing webmaster tools setup.


  • selection of design template

  • design of a primary and secondary logo

  • selection of primary, secondary, button, footer, and other relevant fonts

  • selection of color scheme

  • header, tag, title configurations

  • meta descriptions for each section (two to four sections)

  • search engine optimized content (one to three pages per section)

  • user experience and user path flow design

  • search console (Google) and webmaster tools (Bing) setup

  • creation of Google Analytics account

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Learn how Fearless Influence built a brand new website on an accelerated timeline, and stepped in to cover another web designer’s mistakes.

The Boomer Connection

Services: Website Design and Development, SEO, Content
Project Size <$1,500
Platform: Squarespace

The problem:

With a few thousand dollars already spent, and only one page of website content built, owner Mary Bixby had been burned by the web design community. But with several dating events on the immediate horizon, she needed a fast solution and a professional-looking website to support her growing business.

The solution:

Enter Fearless Influence.  In only 4 weeks, a brand new website was built, including calendar integration, client testimonials, search engine friendly content, title tags, meta descriptions, a mobile-optimized consumer experience, platform training, new fonts, a new color palette, and an extremely happy new client.

See the work live at:

The Boomer Connection