Christian Website Design and Development

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Christian Website Design Solutions

Christian website design requires a combination of website design and theological and biblical knowledge.  Most Christian organizations or church marketing strategies start with website design and development, and many struggle to find a website design team who can produce visually appealing websites that function well, and who can grasp biblical content.


As a full-service Christian marketing agency, Fearless Influence specializes in building responsive design websites that are visually appealing, functional, and feature biblical content.  We believe that your faith should be illuminated on your website for all to see.

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Our Christian Website Toolkit

Your website is the front door to your brand, and a window to how your organization operates.  As a result it needs to be well organized, well designed, have the right structure, and be visible in the areas that are important to you.


We deploy custom faith based website solutions. Typically these solutions are built within WordPress, using Siteground as the hosting solution and the Divi theme builder from Elegant Themes.  We’ve selected these solutions because of their powerful and flexible frameworks, high level of customization and widespread library of resources.


Your ministries seek to glorify God, and it is our goal to make sure that your ministry is visible

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A Faith Based Website Design Process

We are 100% dedicated to providing Faith-based website solutions to the local church, non-profit organizations and Christian business owners.  These are the only marketplaces we service.  We believe that there is an abundant marketplace for charities, churches and business owners to thrive in.  We believe that God wants to be made famous through your time, talents and treasures.


It is our goal to provide affordable and customized plans to fit your individual needs.  As part of the process you will receive a quote detailing the specific work that we’ll be doing as part of our services.  This will help you and your team to better understand the specific deliverables, scope of work, and project timelines for your website build.

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Faith Based Marketing Solutions

Fearless Influence offers a full suite of Christian Digital Marketing solutions for your church, non-profit organization or Christian business.

Be sure to check out our other marketing solutions, and we can’t wait to start working with you!

Christian SEO

Your audience is looking for you.  They use Google to ask a question, to find your services. We help you get found.

We’re focused on great Christian SEO and that includes having the right content, header tags, meta descriptions, analytics and more!

Christian Social Media

Social Media Strategies are as much about connection as they are storytelling.

We run custom strategies with well designed creative, to help you to attract more followers, get more likes and get people talking about you.

Google Grants (Google For NonProfits)

Google provides qualified and approved non-profit organizations with up to $10k of monthly in-kind advertising through their Google Grants program.  We help get your account set up and show you how to efficiently and effectively manage it.

Christian Content

When content is great it grows audience. We have a lot of great Christian content available to us!

From SEO-specific content to branded blogs, whitepapers, and more, we provide you with content that creates awareness, gains consideration, and drives conversion.

Christian Branding

We build great brands with great stories. You have a unique story to be told!

We’ll design your logo, create a recognizable mark, create guidelines, a customized color palette, and select amazing fonts.

Christian Website Design and Development Video Walkthroughs

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